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Preparing for winter

We could feel it coming. We knew it would happen. We just didn’t know when. We thought we should prepare, though. Lots of hands made the work much much easier and fun.

Time bombs

Field Trip students planting time bombs (bulbs) to explode in the spring. We won’t know what or where until February.

A Day in the Field (Trip)

The Field Trip course got some hands-on gardening last Monday after a very rainy attempt to garden last week. And man, was everyone very productive. We planted dozens of plants, hacked down knee-high weeds, found our path and generally enjoyed getting dirty in the sun togther. Thanks, everyone, you did a great job!

Garden babies

We received these lovely pics from Bertrand Alliot of the great tits who nested in our birdhouse. The birdhouse was a gift from Paris-Est Nature.

Spring anew

It’s spring! Officially, and also as announced by the plants who are happily showing their noses. Many are tiny time bombs planted during the fall when only hope and trust push one to spend money on plants. We had a quick picnic to celebrate the sun and season. Now for the hoeing and back work.

Jack Frost

OK, it seems that winter has come and gone, but we managed to wrap things up and capture the frozen beauty of a few frosty days. Hopefully our snuggled lavender and rosemary are not too toasty in their winter attire.

Path of many hands


Many hands went into making our garden path. Ernest, Juliette, Achilles, Antoine, Patrick, Jucai, Thomas, Stacey and others… gathering wood from the construction site; Nadia and Marie cutting the boards with lots of elbow grease,  Yanbin, Yann, Julie and Liviu digging the steps in. It’s a beautiful path of communal work which will eventually compost into the ground leaving its organic trace of all the hands it took to place it.



From the start, we had envisioned a triangle with a quiet center to read or contemplate the garden. After having pilfered pallets from the construction site, there was a midday workshop to create the perfect bench to plop down on to chelax.

Here is the result.

Morning mist

This morning the light filtered around the architecture school onto the dewy grass just as if this garden had always been there. Funny how easily one can create or destroy beauty.

Art not agriculture

« A piece of cake » was how Jucai described turning over the soil and planting radishes, batavia, arugula and parsley yesterday.  Since he grew up on a farm in China working large plots, he thinks our tiny spot of earth is more art than agriculture. Probably true, I mean nature doesn’t really do triangles. But ours is beginning to show its angles in all their green glory.