Monthly Archives: juin 2013

Path of many hands


Many hands went into making our garden path. Ernest, Juliette, Achilles, Antoine, Patrick, Jucai, Thomas, Stacey and others… gathering wood from the construction site; Nadia and Marie cutting the boards with lots of elbow grease,  Yanbin, Yann, Julie and Liviu digging the steps in. It’s a beautiful path of communal work which will eventually compost into the ground leaving its organic trace of all the hands it took to place it.



There was an amazing visitor one day who loved our bamboo tomato stakes. He (or she) came and went, his lovely thumb-sized body glittering gold in the sun. I still can’t decide what type of dragonfly it is. Any identification help is welcome.

I thought I knew snails. I’ve thrown them over the fences, put them next to the pond and had an occasional one in my plate when in Burgundy. But I’ve never seen snails this big. Les « bourgognes » I was told are the nemesis of country gardens. I guess that’s what we are. How exciting!



We were able to share a choice selection of batavia and frisée salads that finally grew to a palatable size after much sad weather.

Joli mois de mai – All roads lead to…

With great engineering energy, our little path leading to the rhubarb and raspberries has begun moving through the garden. A few more steps, a lot of digging and pounding and we’ll be there.

It’s finally rained and our little pond has come back and things are looking quite lush (read jungle high weeds). The birds and bees have found us as have the wild cat who has had two black and white kittens. The landscape around is changing and growing, the parking has been removed and the grass is  slowly covering up the construction site.  If they’d only stop making so much noise with the bulldozers, we could actually think we’re in the countryside.