Monthly Archives: avril 2015

My new best friend

Sometimes when you ask the universe for something, it actually answers you. Quickly and with great precision. I wanted mulch. Lots of it. These guys were sleeping in hamacs under the lime trees, after cutting branches all morning next to a truck filled with ground tree branches and leaves. Dirty gold is what I call it. Here is what I managed to get him to do with it. I’m over the moon.


OK. I found a snake. A snake. In the garden. In my hands when I picked up some grass clippings. Yes, I yelled, then I followed it with my camera. Can you see it?

Field Trip

In Field Trip this semester, we’ve been working very hard on various projects: planting, creating a pond, making a hidden toolbox. The energy in this class is moving mountains: hauling dirt, digging in potatoes,  driving stakes. I have never seen such enthusiasm to get down and dirty.


It’s amazing what a bit of sun and heat will produce. Of course, many hours of knee- and back-bending work came before, but the fact that what’s invisible is suddenly coerced into being by a little weather is always so magical.