Monthly Archives: mai 2016

Field Trip projects

The course Field Trip held its last class yesterday. Trying to finish a series of design projects for the garden: rainwater harvesting, a garden tower, a wind chime… they put on the finishing touches yesterday (as well as cleaning out a couple of plots and planting potatoes and onions…)


Bloomsday Reading and Planting

To celebrate our prize with the rest of the school, the Jardin decided to invite everyone to a reading and plant fest on a decidedly sunny interlude in an otherwise sad Saintes de Glaces period: Friday May 13. There were readings of Wordsworth’s I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud, Thoreau’s treatise on beans, Apoolinaire, Krishnamurti, Robert Browning, Marie Ursula Bethel and more by teachers, students and researchers. We got down and dirty getting the tomatoes planted as well.