Monthly Archives: décembre 2016

A new batch of projects

After a summer of vandalism, drought and misguided landscape maintenance which chopped down all of our baby fruit trees, the Field Trip students were ripe with projects to set things right. After planting spring time bombs, they took off on a series of projects on signage, seating, fencing and walkways.img_4318 img_4319img_4320img_4321img_4322img_4323img_4604img_4605img_4607img_4611img_4612img_4637img_4613

The magic of agriculture

img_4592 img_4590img_4588  img_4468img_4466And it grew. Proud farmers one and all!

Fall planting

Getting in the fall crops, fall salads, carrots, onions, spinach, radishes and more. For some of these folks it was the first time planting seeds. A sunny fall day of beginnings.

img_4292 img_4293 img_4294 img_4295 img_4296 img_4297 img_4298 img_4312 img_4466 img_4467 img_4468