Monthly Archives: mai 2017

More projects

We’ve needed seats for ages. They seem to walk off or get broken by our outside visitors. 

Today, a couple of new benches got made. Love seats, made with love. 


Field Trip, Garden Projects and even Speaking Near and Far have gotten down and dirty giving the garden loving care and creative input. Check out these hard-working students. 

Readings and Tastings

IMG_5937IMG_5931IMG_5929IMG_5925IMG_5923IMG_5946IMG_5941IMG_5944For the DLC Days, the Jardin hosted to the Book Club which read excerpts from Lewis Carroll to Ray Bradbury to Shakespeare. Parched from the sun and the willow fluff blowing around, Speaking Near and Far folks had an aromatic herb syrup taste test for the participants and the audience. Trying to recognize the subtle perfumes of rosemary, thyme, lemon balm and mint tickling our tongues, was a great game for a sunny afternoon.