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I chose this picture that shows a square of dense greenery. I think this illustrates how nature is able to produce a lot by itself. It is an example of what emerges from human inaction. It surely looks like a mess from the outside but is a complex and sustainable ecosystem if we look at it carefully. This might be an interesting thought: from inaction a lot can grow whereas our hands can easily destroy what was alive and well before. Thoughts and photo by Théo.

Spring planting

IMG_2628 IMG_2629 IMG_2631 IMG_2632 IMG_2633After a long winter of hardy cooking waste, the Develop’ponts composters are now full. Lorraine has added more straw to dry it out and hopefully finish off the process for us to use the compost by early summer. They will be setting up a new one in the next weeks.

Our Wednesday class decided to get a bit of early planting going before the March rain showers. It’s probably still too cold for the seeds to sprout, but we were excited to be rid of winter and imagine that spring is here. The calendar says so, anyway…

Garden blog

Check out this great student blog on the garden. Thanks, Lucie!

A look back at the fall before our spring planting.