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This flower is a beautiful purple periwinkle which grows at 20-30 centimeters from the ground. This plant has a very important foliage that covers the ground. The periwinkle is very adaptable to the surrounding conditions. It can grow in shade or in the sun and adapts to almost any type of soil. Photo and comments by Kilian.
Photo_jardin Killian

A touch of color

GuillaumeThis is a picture of a muscari. It’s a fairly common flower, but I still find it really enjoyable to have in a garden, it brings a nice touch of color. Photo and comments by Guillaume.

Colors and light

PiaI took a picture of a bee gathering pollen on a flower. It reminded me of how important  the animals in all the process of gardening are, and that we should protect them. It was very beautiful to see, the little yellow bee upon the blue flowers. It brought colors and light to the garden. Photo and comments by Pia.

The new normal

I chose this photo because I find it beautiful. I forgot its name even if you told me, I am sorry about that. It was particularly beautiful because this flower was alone in the middle of an almost deserted place. These pretty bright colors and its particular shape change a little bit the normal. Photo and comments by Mohammed.mohammed

Rosemary and periwinkle

Here’s my picture of the garden, two radically different flowers, on tiny fluffy round and one long bouquet of branches, with only one common point: their lovely purple.

Comments and picture by Victoire.

The little things

I chose these little flowers because in this season, they are the most coloured things we can observe. It is all the more interesting since they are very little in comparison with the other plants of the garden and thus, they are not the first thing we see in the garden. Comments and pictures by Nicolas.





Blooming buds



This is the picture I took last week in the garden. In it, we can see a tree which is just getting out of the winter season: a few buds are starting to bloom. It reminds me of spring: life is starting to blossom again. Photo and comments by Victor.

Snowflakes in spring

charlotteThese flowers are called « snowflakes flowers » but their « real » name is Leucojum. They belong to the Amaryllis family and come from Eurasia. I chose to take these ones on my photo because they remind me of thrush with bigger flowers and thrush is a flower I really like. Photo and comments by Charlotte.

Periwinkle spring

VioletsThis is a photo of this year almost first flowers (periwinkle) which just  bloomed. Spring is for this one of my favorite season: every day new flowers bloom and make gardens beautiful and have a spring perfume. Photo and comments by Jonathan

Flower necklaces



Here is my picture of the garden, I took this one because it reminded me of the week ends I spent at my grandparents house when I was little, I used to do necklaces with these flowers.

photo and comments by Elisabeth