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Better than last year

From Antoine: What a surprise this class was! I didn’t expected to have such an usual and satisfying class.
Going to the pontanique garden to see what have survived to the last dry summer was a pleasant experience for me. I was very happy to know that we have a garden where we can plant vegetables and that we can eat it knowing that they are 100% organic !
Unfortunately, most of the garden was dry and without color but it doesn’t matter, we are here to make it rebirth: that’s why I really want to go back to the garden.
The picture I took is a great illustration of the garden because it’s a plant that Miss Benoit thought was dead and so she tried to cut it but it’s still alive. Moreover, I appreciated a lot this plant because of it original stem and it smell.
I saw lots of funny and unexpected plants like the lamb ears which is very soft and I also tasted a leaf with a unexpected taste: it tasted like currants!
Briefly, I really like this class and I hope we will succeed in makingAntoine the garden even better than last year.

Without a big human presence

From Julie:

When I arrived at the garden, I thought that it was very dry and wild. There were a lot of different plants everywhere. I evoked for me my childhood on holiday, because some of the planted plants lived near to Mediterrean Sea. I want to go back there, because it was really fun and cool to see what plants will be there in the future and how big they will be. The most beautiful thing that I’ve seen is the fact that plants can live without a big human presence. In fact, these plants are in their habitat and grow where they want, are not cut to look like a circle or something else.
I’ve tasted and touch a lot of plants like the lamb ears and I’ve loved it, and that’s why I want to Juliego back there!

Memories of youth

WilliamFrom William: I appreciated the form that our first class has taken this last week. I felt this funny to make a garden tour with the best Trip Advisors’ guide I could imagine, Ms Benoit. The garden evoked in me memories of youth, when I used to be babysat by my grandparents out of town. But it was sad to see how dry it was, after the summer. I wish I could go back, to see it evolve, maybe to produce some aromas for our kitchen. I saw a lot of funny plants whom I did not know the name of before, and also a lot of green species. But flowers and fruits were missing, a lack of colors… I appreciated the different feelings I felt during this visit, like different textures of plants, and also how they smell so different!

Unexpected surprise

From Yohan: Here is the picture I took wednesday in the garden. It is a simple one, but I was so surprised to find a full grown zuchini in there! That was unexpected.
I really enjoyed the diversity of plants and insects in the garden. It really reminds me of the garden of my grandparents.
Some parts of the garden are a little bit in a bad state, but I have no doubt we will be able to fix it in the weeks to comeYohan!

Symbols of the south

From Quentin: TPhoto_Quentin_Nielhat little copse of lavender and rosemary struck me a lot. Indeed, there were aromatic and odorous symbols of the South that reminded me of my hometown in Provence.

The core of the garden

From Yann: I have taken this picture because a garden is not only a place where you grow flowers, vegetables and fruits. It is also a place where everyone gets dirty and has to do manual labour. Therefore,Yann Graczyk it enables people to make new connections with people you do not usually talk to. It is a place where it does not matter where you come from, or the job you have.
That is why I took a picture of a group of students and not of the flowers: they are the core of that garden.

Captivating petals

From Nawfal:

Despite its  beautiful captivating petals, my fingers got hurt by a thorn when I tried to hold its stem. This made me think of all the subtle techniques that nature uses in order to protect itselfNawfal.

Nature’s Feat

Hadrien1From Hadrien: I took this picture of lamb’s ears, because it was my first time seeing this peculiar plant. A small white duvet covers the leaf which makes them incredibly soft to the touch. I was struck by how nature managed such a feat. This odd plant makes me impatient to go back there.

Garden potential

From Célia: CeliaI chose this one because I love roses and I think it is a nice place that reflects the potential of the garden.

Leaf contrast

ClementFrom Clément:

Here is the picture I took in the garden of the school this afternoon. I really like it, because some of the leaves of the plant are red, whereas they are supposed to be green, like the other ones behind them. In a word, I like the contrast these leaves make.