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Exact application of learning

heloise1 heloise2From Héloïse:

I’m sending you this photo of the garden representing a zucchini I believe. I like this photo, because we see both the vegetable and the flower and it is the exact application of the learning we had in high school, that the edible part of a plant comes from a flower.
I have picked this photo, because of the bee that is on it but also because of the amazing rosemary flowers which add a touch of color. Moreover, even if it can’t be perceived, the smell in this part of the garden was great, a nice mix of lavender and rosemary.

Red plants

From: Suzanne 

I took a photo of some leaves on the top of little tree that were red. There is not a lot of red in the garden, that’s why it struck me. There was one of the only red roses of the garden next to it and it was as if the little group of leaves wanted to imitate it.

The garden has an impressive diversity and even if at a first sight it seems to be dead and dry, it contains a lot of flowers and beasts. Why not to put a lemon verbena tea tree in itSuzanne?

Fall reflections – We Are What We Eat

Valentin2 Valentin3 Valentin1














Our new students from We Are What We Eat discovered the garden for the first time and took pictures of things they found interesting.

This is the first of many posts of their findings.

From Valentin:
I took pictures of mint and dill herb, because these plants are easy to maintain and are useful in the kitchen. Dill can add flavour to a dish and with fresh mint we can make tea. Everyone could easily grow these plants in pots, or on the edge of a window for example.