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This plant attracted my attention because of the branches with a reddish colour, that are different from the rest of the garden. The colour reminds me of the leaves of the beets that I used to eat at my home with salad.

The stings also remind me of the rose bush that used to grow in the backyard of my grandmother. The stings in plants are usually one adaptation that prevents the plant from losing water or by being eaten by herbivorous animals. In the case of the rose and of this bush, the evolutionary pressure its probably the second one. By Stephanie

The Advantage

A superposition of gardening tubs overwhelmed by green plants and grass located at the middle of the garden. The messy aspect of the structure reminds us that at the end, nature always has the advantage. By Vincent

As a reminder

The picture I chose shows this dead plant composed of two branches, a thicker and shorter one and a longer and apparently healthier one. It is not at all the most beautiful spot of the garden, but it reminds me of the green asparagus that grow wild in Spain and that I used to collect when I was a child. I am pretty sure it is not the same species, as I believe the Spanish one is better adapted to hotter and drier climates. However, the asparagus plant is composed of a principal leafy plant with a stem that looks like a branch and at the side of it, the asparagus appears. This is basically what I thought of when I first saw it. By Rafael

Proud and Alive

The dominant colours of the garden were clearly brown and green, and it felt like a relief to finally see these flowers. A lot of dead leaves and branches have fallen around them, but they don’t care about them and stand proud and alive.  By Sarah

Junk Food

This can represents pretty well junk food. The presence of this bright pink object creates a sharp contrast with the green garden. I took this photo because it underlines our growing distance to natural food due to over processed food that we find everywhere today. Also, I deplore the fact that pieces of trash like this one are left in the garden. By Audrey

Crocus – The Bloom of Spring

Although those small, colorful flowers grow randomly outside of the blocks of plants, trying not to attract much attention, it’s not easy to ignore their existence. It seems that they have survived the cruel weather of the long winter, ready for the bloom of spring. By Wenrui

The Power of Rosemary

The power of rosemary

            I come from Avignon, a little town in the south of France, which is located in a region called Provence. Since I love cooking, I chose to highlight the power of rosemary which is a kitchen herb we use very often in Provence.

            First of all, it is a plant that grows at any time of the year! It cannot fade nor die. When I was a kid my parents decided to plant some rosemary in our garden, more than ten years later it is still there, bigger than ever before.

            It has a really strong smell and taste which is why it is so liked. Most of the time, it is use in barbecues or gratins, to flavour meat, fish or vegetables. By Ruben

The Rose Bush

The Rose Bush looks pretty and let us hope to find lovely roses. But as soon as someone dare to touch it, it reveals its best arm against the enemy: thorny spikes. Theses spikes aren’t really big, but they are particularly sharp. My only advise is: Watch out, you might get burned! By Raphael

Climbing plant

In Colombia, my mother has a garden behind my house, last year my dog died, and we buried him there. In order to make a memorial, we planted a climbing plant and many herbs above his grave. Seeing that plant next to the rosemary recalled to me that my dog loved to scrub in a bush of rosemary that we also have planted there. By Juan Sebastian