Monthly Archives: septembre 2020


This team and others have managed to draw the garden back to its former beauty and appeal. After a lot of scratches, nettle stings and general dirty fatigue, this crew incorporated last year’s Meunier dorm compost (thanks!) into the soil and got in some onions, radishes, lettuce and more. Nothing like teamwork to get the job done.


Coming back from the lockdown and summer drought, the garden looked like a dried up jungle. Dessicated fennel and prickly weeds reached high over one’s head and the task of weeding them seemed daunting. The students from Develop’Ponts decided to take to the field and get the fall crop in. In two sessions, dozens of students freshened the permaculture crops and cleared all the plots readying them for radishes, onions, Chinese chives and snow peas. The earth was dry but the compost was ripe to help loosen it up. I didn’t see what happened but I saw the result. Fantastic work!