Monthly Archives: septembre 2021

Hidden Beasts

This is a photograph of a grasshopper hiding in the brambles and grass. I find this beautiful because it shows the garden is not only a set of plants but mostly an eco-system with actual harmony in it. (text and photo by Mathis)

Rabbit Ears

If you have a little walk in the garden behind Coriolis, you’ll just have to bend down to see a quite surprising plant. And no, those aren’t some genetically modified rabbit ears, but Stachys. You can recognize it by its look of course, but also by its softness that makes it so original and adorable! (text and photo by Clotilde)

What is that?

A garden is not always pretty as most flowers decay, becoming sometimes unrecognizable. That is the case here: these are the remains of white roses which lost their color and scent. They now look more similar to a wasp nest than to a flower. Let’s hope that instead of decorating the garden they will soon be used for the compost. (text and photo by Sohalia).


I was surprised to see rosemary which is a wild plant in the school garden. The photo shows that the plant is in a good form, even after the dry summer, since it is accustomed to growing in arid soils. (text and photo by Jaouher).

The Last Rose of Summer

This is a shiny red rose that stands out over all the green around it. The most fascinating thing that dazzled me was the fact that this is the last rose alive in the garden and the visit was only 2 days before the end of summer, and that it resembled me one of my favorite violin pieces, “The Last Rose of Summer.” (text and photo by Karsion)


Here you can see a medlar tree, a tree that have been cultivated since the Roman period. The fruit of this tree is eaten raw, sometimes with cream and sugar. It is also cooked in some dishes. However, this fruit cannot be consumed without following a process of softening called bletting making it less acidic. (text and photo by Antonin)


When I was in the “Jardin Pontanique”, I was struck by this little flower. First, I though that my vision failed me. But after taking the flower in picture, there was no doubt on, this daisy is purple. Indeed it is an Aster, like a purple daisy. (text and photo by Loucas)


When I touched the sage leaf, I felt how thick it was and I could feel differents motifs on the upper side of the leaf. By looking closer I noticed those patterns which reminded me of spreading branches of a river delta. (text and photo by Chamod)

Would still be as sweet

This is a photograph of a white rose that is located on the left side of the willow tree in the pontanique garden. I find those complex flowers absolutely magnificent. Roses are relatively easy to grow as they do not need a lot of water and care which makes it an even more interesting plant! (text and photo by Maxence).

A rose by any other name

I took this photograph of a red rose I saw in the garden today. I found it beautiful. Although its scent was weak, its colour was bright and uniform. It is a lonely rose covered with some rainwater droplets which reminded me of the morning dew. (text and photo by Erwan).