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Lemon balm

As the big eater I am, I ate two or three leaves of our lemon balm to prepare my belly for lunch… So delicious ! The taste and smell are easily recognizable, and the lemon aftertaste makes me wonder if I should not grow it at home and use it in all my meals… Photo and caption by Victor


This plant is a cabbage plant. We can recognize it than to its large dark green leaves. Cabbage can be harvested practically all year, about three months after planting. Photo and caption by Caroline


This plant is quite interesting for its ability to run along the ground. Unfortunately, we can’t see a lot of flowers but one is visible enough to be described. It’s a male one because we can’t see a squash on the stem (that is visible for a female one). Photo and caption by Romain


Here is a picture of a rosemary with plenty of flowers! It is in the entrance of the garden and when I arrived, I saw it and it attracted my gaze: it was the most colorful plant in the garden. I smelled some leaves and it reminded me great food I used to eat. Photo and caption by Elise


« This is Borage, a plant whose flower caught my attention because of its striking violet hue, its star shape and its velvety-textured stem. I found it even more interesting when I discovered that it has medicinal properties. I ate one of the flowers and the taste is slightly sweet. «  Photo and caption by Isadora


Great picture of mint from our Jardin pontanique. Between math and physics, you can go take a look and think about the great meals and drinks you can make with this delicious plant! It is worth taking care of it… Photo and caption by Raphaël

Noam and Nature

Here’s Noam peacefully enjoying the garden. I find this picture very calm and comforting. Even though the sky is grey, it was cold and windy outside, it rained just a few minutes after I took this picture, this moment still warms my heart by reminding myself how fascinating and pretty nature is. Photo and caption by Angèle


« What’s that fruit ? you’re maybe asking yourself, and you’re not alone ! This is a medlar. Behind it spiky appearance, a sweet and sugary taste is hiding, like toffee apples. Surely, it doesn’t look as colourful and appetizing as cherries or apples but let’s give a chance to these little guys ! » Photo and caption by Quentin


« I thought my friend Victor was one of the tallest person I knew at school, but the visit to the garden proved me wrong! Look at these plants! They don’t seem to be in great shape, but how huge are they! To compare, Victor is 1m94 tall! » – Photo and caption by Hugo