Better than last year

From Antoine: What a surprise this class was! I didn’t expected to have such an usual and satisfying class.
Going to the pontanique garden to see what have survived to the last dry summer was a pleasant experience for me. I was very happy to know that we have a garden where we can plant vegetables and that we can eat it knowing that they are 100% organic !
Unfortunately, most of the garden was dry and without color but it doesn’t matter, we are here to make it rebirth: that’s why I really want to go back to the garden.
The picture I took is a great illustration of the garden because it’s a plant that Miss Benoit thought was dead and so she tried to cut it but it’s still alive. Moreover, I appreciated a lot this plant because of it original stem and it smell.
I saw lots of funny and unexpected plants like the lamb ears which is very soft and I also tasted a leaf with a unexpected taste: it tasted like currants!
Briefly, I really like this class and I hope we will succeed in makingAntoine the garden even better than last year.

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