Downright green

So the grass has outlined the triangle and the rain/sun intervals keep it coming. We’ll soon be needing a lawnmover which we don’t have.

We did find an old wheelbarrow without a wheel (a barrow?) and I started searching for a wheel on the web. I now know way more than I ever wanted to about how wheels attach to barrows, axles  and ‘coussinets’, the technical term of the thingamajig that holds a turning axle. And wow, do a lot of people have spare wheelbarrow wheels just sitting around as possible commodities. It amazes me how many people have the time to spend taking a picture and putting an ad to sell an old wheelbarrow wheel for €2 on the web. Fortunately for me they did and I found one somewhere here

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It’s coming in the mail and we’ll see if it fits in a few days. The coussinets have already arrived and will work if it’s the right kind of axle (which my newly expert opinion says it is.) I realized after I started the process that I could probably get a cheap new wheelbarrow for the same price. But that means the other one goes into the junk heap, a thoroughly depressing thought. Where do old wheelbarrows go when they die?



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  1. Ernest dit :

    I guess old wheelbarrows are buried by the elements.
    And instead of carrying the elements of the ground, they are carried by those.
    Then sometimes, with age, they get to carry each other.

    But as for the one who’ll spend more time with us :
    « Once more into the fray,
    Into the last good fight it’ll ever know. »

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