Kitchen Gardener

Just came across a social networking site dedicated to campus gardens and kitchen gardeners.

Their definition of the kitchen gardener is:

« They are self-reliant seekers of ‘the Good Life’ who have understood the central role that home-grown and home- cooked food plays in one’s well-being. By seeking an active role in their own sustenance, they are modern-day participants in humankind’s oldest and most basic activity, offering a critical link to our past and positive vision for our future. »

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s where we’re coming from.

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  1. Ernest dit :

    What a profound and enormous smile I had when I looked at the definition of a kitchen gardener. It makes us so wise and benefactor, which is, with us being very much humble. I guess very few cares about being that in the first place.
    Which makes me think of the Dalaï Lama :
    « Les Hommes perdent la santé pour accumuler de l’argent. Puis ils perdent de l’argent pour retrouver la santé. […] Ils vivent comme s’ils n’allaient jamais mourir et meurent comme s’ils n’avaient jamais vécu. »
    Ah, we can make so much without money but time and a heart.

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