Here you can see a medlar tree, a tree that have been cultivated since the Roman period. The fruit of this tree is eaten raw, sometimes with cream and sugar. It is also cooked in some dishes. However, this fruit cannot be consumed without following a process of softening called bletting making it less acidic. (text and photo by Antonin)


When I was in the “Jardin Pontanique”, I was struck by this little flower. First, I though that my vision failed me. But after taking the flower in picture, there was no doubt on, this daisy is purple. Indeed it is an Aster, like a purple daisy. (text and photo by Loucas)


When I touched the sage leaf, I felt how thick it was and I could feel differents motifs on the upper side of the leaf. By looking closer I noticed those patterns which reminded me of spreading branches of a river delta. (text and photo by Chamod)

Would still be as sweet

This is a photograph of a white rose that is located on the left side of the willow tree in the pontanique garden. I find those complex flowers absolutely magnificent. Roses are relatively easy to grow as they do not need a lot of water and care which makes it an even more interesting plant! (text and photo by Maxence).

A rose by any other name

I took this photograph of a red rose I saw in the garden today. I found it beautiful. Although its scent was weak, its colour was bright and uniform. It is a lonely rose covered with some rainwater droplets which reminded me of the morning dew. (text and photo by Erwan).


I took a picture of these thistles, because I really liked the colors and the contrast between the purple, orange and black. They had started to dry out so they weren’t as vibrant as we are usually used to seeing them. I also found that they looked a bit like fireworks! (text and photo by Holly).


During the visit, I saw a very useful and ecological system to collect rain water. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. It’s maybe because of the roof that is not waterproof. I hope we will fix it together during this semester. (Text and photo by Florentin)


Some flowers in the middle of the vegetables

The garden had suffered a wet summer. Nevertheless, in the middle of this green panorama, there were some purple daisies. Some had a brown heart, others a yellow heart. The photo shows the harmony in these colours, on a slightly poetic green background. (text and photo by Katia)

Where is it?

The garden sleuths (Max, Paul, Nadia, Alex, Hannes, Mathieu and others) are looking with scissors, shovels, secateurs and gloves to try to find the garden. We know it’s here somewhere, but after a summer of intense rain, a huge dome of weedy vines has taken over. Victory! Alex found a potato!

Lenten Rose

This plant is a Lenten Rose. It has a few distinguishable features: the flowers face downwards while most other flowers face the sun. It is also poisonous (it probably won’t kill humans because a lot of it would have to be consumed but can kill small animals like dogs or cats).

Text and photo by Marion.