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The little things

I chose these little flowers because in this season, they are the most coloured things we can observe. It is all the more interesting since they are very little in comparison with the other plants of the garden and thus, they are not the first thing we see in the garden. Comments and pictures by Nicolas.





Time bombs

Field Trip students planting time bombs (bulbs) to explode in the spring. We won’t know what or where until February.

Spring anew

It’s spring! Officially, and also as announced by the plants who are happily showing their noses. Many are tiny time bombs planted during the fall when only hope and trust push one to spend money on plants. We had a quick picnic to celebrate the sun and season. Now for the hoeing and back work.

Jack Frost

OK, it seems that winter has come and gone, but we managed to wrap things up and capture the frozen beauty of a few frosty days. Hopefully our snuggled lavender and rosemary are not too toasty in their winter attire.

Earth Day

Our plant sale for Earth Day was a great success. We sold over 200 plants to the gardeners around the school and research labs as well as many sponsorships of plants and seeds that will be placed in Jardin pontanique for those without gardens.

We’ve already had visitors to the garden looking for their plants and asking how they can help take care of them. Wow, I hope we don’t we’ll be able to keep everything alive.


Grass and Flowers

Finally a bit of rain and the grass has sprouted. We absolutely needed something green for motivation, so we added some lavander, rosemary, thyme, lemon balm, rudbeckia and Japanese anemone. It is starting to look a bit like there might be a plan here.