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It was not especially the most beautiful picture I took but I thought it was amazing how this plant felt. It shows us how many different fabrics we could make out of natural plants. + Jeanne is very beautiful – Text and photo by Juliette G


It’s always refreshing to see vibrant colors during winter. Text and photo by Diae


These are the first crocuses of the year. They are a bit early but look amazing, with such vibrant and various colours. – Text and photos by Juliette D

Life in February

It was nice to see that a garden can bloom and host life in February. Text and photos by Théotime

The lonely buttercup (crocus)

I took this picture because I liked the idea of a single flower (a buttercup I believe) standing alone in its surrounding with a bright color which provides a strong contrast between the flower and the rest of the image. Text and photo by Adrien


Very cool fluffy green moss. I took this picture because I like moss (I don’t really know why, though). This piece of moss was lit by the sun so the light green color was very bright and nice looking, which is why I chose it. Text and photo by Téodora


I learned what a wheelbarrow is! Text and photo by Agathe


Photo by Jeanne


A pink flower in the garden with thick, zigzag leaves. Its leaves look like they are made of plastic. I hardly see this kind of leaf with a beautiful pink blooming flower. In my impression, this kind of leaf belongs to aloe and its family, which should be bigger and thicker. (text and photo by Chaopeng)


This is a pumpkin which grew in the garden in October. It brought color to the garden that was mostly green because there are no flowers or other vegetables during this season. It is was reminder that the spooky season was approaching… (text and photo by Nolwenn)