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Field Trip

In Field Trip this semester, we’ve been working very hard on various projects: planting, creating a pond, making a hidden toolbox. The energy in this class is moving mountains: hauling dirt, digging in potatoes,  driving stakes. I have never seen such enthusiasm to get down and dirty.

Engrais vert

Trying to get in a crop before winter is no easy task. For the moment, we have no water and the normally rainy fall weather has not yet replaced this lovely Indian summer. The new soil is packed down and needs to be completely turned over and our tools are far away from the plot hidden in plain sight. Not to mention that classes are starting, babies are being born and our budget is rather tight.

Despite all that, our plot is being filled in in baby steps, today’s being: garlic, rhubarb, white mustard, buckwheat and rye as green manures (an organic way to add nutrients and hummus to the soil).

We truly need a composter to get going (as well as a source for compost) as the school’s cafeteria apparently has no fresh fruit or vegetable peelings. I’ve been getting to know the soil for the last week and have not come upon one single worm. Not good.