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Noam and Nature

Here’s Noam peacefully enjoying the garden. I find this picture very calm and comforting. Even though the sky is grey, it was cold and windy outside, it rained just a few minutes after I took this picture, this moment still warms my heart by reminding myself how fascinating and pretty nature is. Photo and caption by Angèle

Pushing the boundaries

I didn’t know Artichokes were that huge! This plant might have seen better days, but I like how it nonchalantly trickles out from its patch, while dry vines dramatically spread over the fences… It quite epitomizes the idea that nature will always push the boundaries humans try to impose on it. Text and photo by Theïlo.

Captivating petals

From Nawfal:

Despite its  beautiful captivating petals, my fingers got hurt by a thorn when I tried to hold its stem. This made me think of all the subtle techniques that nature uses in order to protect itselfNawfal.