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The magic of agriculture

img_4592 img_4590img_4588  img_4468img_4466And it grew. Proud farmers one and all!

Fall planting and hidden treasures

Our class We Are What We Eatspent a great deal of the fall in and out of the garden, planting and harvesting and eating.

Eco Campus at ENS rue d’Ulm

One of the Pontanique gardeners told me that Ecole Normale Sup was doing a spring planting workshop in their garden on Friday. A garden at ENS? In Paris? This, I had to see!

So I set out to see what sort of garden ENS had and found Martin, Hélène, Lu and Adrien working on getting the second year of spring crops into their sweet little garden with other folks from the neighborhood.

Here is their website for the latest events and info.



Avid diggers


The Jardin was overwhelmed on Monday by the enthusiasm of the Field Trip students eager to get down and dirty, hoeing and planting and weeding and generally preparing the garden for spring.

Lots of great energy that we hope will continue throughout the season.