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Lemon balmy times

I realised there was a lot of lemon balm (in the garden), which I really loved since it reminds me of my home in Colombia (it is quite common in the area, or at least I know I had already smelled it there many times)

– by Ana Maria

Leaf contrast

ClementFrom Clément:

Here is the picture I took in the garden of the school this afternoon. I really like it, because some of the leaves of the plant are red, whereas they are supposed to be green, like the other ones behind them. In a word, I like the contrast these leaves make.

Fall reflections – We Are What We Eat

Valentin2 Valentin3 Valentin1














Our new students from We Are What We Eat discovered the garden for the first time and took pictures of things they found interesting.

This is the first of many posts of their findings.

From Valentin:
I took pictures of mint and dill herb, because these plants are easy to maintain and are useful in the kitchen. Dill can add flavour to a dish and with fresh mint we can make tea. Everyone could easily grow these plants in pots, or on the edge of a window for example.

Readings and Tastings

IMG_5937IMG_5931IMG_5929IMG_5925IMG_5923IMG_5946IMG_5941IMG_5944For the DLC Days, the Jardin hosted to the Book Club which read excerpts from Lewis Carroll to Ray Bradbury to Shakespeare. Parched from the sun and the willow fluff blowing around, Speaking Near and Far folks had an aromatic herb syrup taste test for the participants and the audience. Trying to recognize the subtle perfumes of rosemary, thyme, lemon balm and mint tickling our tongues, was a great game for a sunny afternoon.

The magic of agriculture

img_4592 img_4590img_4588  img_4468img_4466And it grew. Proud farmers one and all!

Plant sale

It’s Spring! Our plant sale was a grand success, even though we mostly sold Green Zebra tomatoes. We definitely need to remember to plant more basil and other window garden plants to sell.

Many thanks to Sonia, Julien, Aymen, Maher and Silvana who brought in the mega-bucks and sent out green sprouts into the world.

Field Trip

In Field Trip this semester, we’ve been working very hard on various projects: planting, creating a pond, making a hidden toolbox. The energy in this class is moving mountains: hauling dirt, digging in potatoes,  driving stakes. I have never seen such enthusiasm to get down and dirty.

Eco Campus at ENS rue d’Ulm

One of the Pontanique gardeners told me that Ecole Normale Sup was doing a spring planting workshop in their garden on Friday. A garden at ENS? In Paris? This, I had to see!

So I set out to see what sort of garden ENS had and found Martin, Hélène, Lu and Adrien working on getting the second year of spring crops into their sweet little garden with other folks from the neighborhood.

Here is their website for the latest events and info.



Preparing for winter

We could feel it coming. We knew it would happen. We just didn’t know when. We thought we should prepare, though. Lots of hands made the work much much easier and fun.

Time bombs

Field Trip students planting time bombs (bulbs) to explode in the spring. We won’t know what or where until February.