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Almost at home

I do really love this overview of the garden. Rosemary and lavender in the foreground, sun and blue sky behind all that. It makes me forget that we are so close to Paris. Here, I almost feel like at home and it feels really good. – Text and photo by Jeanne


What a surprise to find such a beautiful rosemary in the Jardin Pontanique. As I come from the South of France, I am used to finding rosemary in arid lands, which this garden is not. Yet, it was in very good form, maintaining pretty little blue flowers, and giving of a wonderful smells. (text and photo by Titouan)


I was surprised to see rosemary which is a wild plant in the school garden. The photo shows that the plant is in a good form, even after the dry summer, since it is accustomed to growing in arid soils. (text and photo by Jaouher).

Exploring the garden

In the Pont-ager, I saw how the garden evolved through winter and it made me feel like something beautiful was happening right in front of my eyes. I also saw how insects, spiders and earthworms explored the garden and contributed to its living aspect.
Text and photo by Mehdi-Lou.


Rosemary is an aromatic plant often used to cook but which can also be used as a medicine. I didn’t know it had medicinal virtues so during the visit of the garden I discovered its  “hidden talent”. Actually, I chose Rosemary because I really appreciate its taste and I sometimes use some for cooking. Moreover, I think Rosemary looks really nice, I like the lovely violet flowers. (Photo and text by Marie).