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Early Spring Frenzy

Our WAWWE class got started on some observations, cleaning, planting, and generally enjoying each other’s presence and the lovely weather outside. We got a bit dirty, planted peonies, sage and mint, learned tool vocabulary and purposed and got some seeds planted for summer. Oh, and dug up piles of dandelions before they take over the universe.

Earth Day

Our plant sale for Earth Day was a great success. We sold over 200 plants to the gardeners around the school and research labs as well as many sponsorships of plants and seeds that will be placed in Jardin pontanique for those without gardens.

We’ve already had visitors to the garden looking for their plants and asking how they can help take care of them. Wow, I hope we don’t we’ll be able to keep everything alive.


Lancelot and the mysterious seeds

The garden’s first baby was born last night and we’ll soon be planting leeks in Lancelot’s honour. Not that he’ll be eating them in the spring, but perhaps he’ll come by and visit them, ripping them out by himself.

But today, Jucai planted lots of mysterious seeds from China. We could somewhat guess what they were to be from the pictures on the labels, even though they were airbrushed perfect veg, so it was hard to imagine such shiny items coming out of our plot. Jucai seemed to know what they all were, though he wasn’t actually confident they would all sprout in our fall soil. I, for one, am very interested to see what a really big green radish tastes like in case they do.

Juliette came by and made more little plant labels out of fruit crates and Thomas our latest convert to the cause found some mud boots his size and did some measurements and put some back work into turning over the second smaller triangle soil.