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During the visit, I saw a very useful and ecological system to collect rain water. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. It’s maybe because of the roof that is not waterproof. I hope we will fix it together during this semester. (Text and photo by Florentin)


Wow, 9 months and many many hands in the making (like a baby, though less hands I guess). Our pond is finally edged, planted and filled. Little bugs have found us and we are gently calling the toads and dragonflies to come and check it out.

Many thanks to Juliette, Maeva, Pierre-Emmanuel our winter soldiers who battled rain and cold and had the vision and to Dany, Maxime and Benjamin who fought faulty materials and vandalism with resolve until the end. And a special thanks to Patrick for his guidance and irises, fake lilypads and water mint. As ever, it’s a work in progress, but it’s a lovely place to start (and hang out). Now all we need is a bench…