Monthly Archives: mars 2013

les mésanges et le printemps

The calendar winter has passed and supposedly the spring begun, though it’s not immediately obvious to the enthusiastic gardener whose seeds are burning a hole in their packets waiting to be planted. The weeds have come back in any case, which is encouraging, if not irritating.

The group Paris Est Nature has given us a bluetit nesting house which I think may be inhabited as I saw what I thought was a mama bluetit milling through our compost to dig for worms.

A great part of our labour was turned under a few months ago by a bulldozer looking for a geothermic outlet and left behind a big manhole cover and concrete circle, all the better inspiration to create beauty upon.

There has been snow and thaw and snow again and now not enough heat to generate or germinate, though I am hopeful that will arrive quite soon.

Perhaps photos are worth much more than words here just to get those garden juices flowing.