Monthly Archives: mai 2013


OK, we waited a bit too long and the mâche had gone to seed, the radishes were too big and hard and the batavia had gone a bit bitter, but we had our first harvest last week.

It’s amazing what an explosion of growth follows a little heat and rain, giving us no time to plan when to dig up the plants from last winter. There was a bit of panic in trying to buy a push mower (with our new-found budget) and hack down the almost knee-high grass and get the plantings out before everything went to seed.

Our goal was to make room for our sponsored plants and seeds, find a place for the spring plantings to go in and turn the soil over, so we started digging. With each radish, there were small yelps of glee from various gardeners, that they had been there under the ground hiding all this time.

Earth Day

Our plant sale for Earth Day was a great success. We sold over 200 plants to the gardeners around the school and research labs as well as many sponsorships of plants and seeds that will be placed in Jardin pontanique for those without gardens.

We’ve already had visitors to the garden looking for their plants and asking how they can help take care of them. Wow, I hope we don’t we’ll be able to keep everything alive.