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Oak Tree

This is an oak tree and it is the masterpiece of the garden. First, because it is the highest plant of the garden and so it protects it from the wind or other dangers. The oak tree is also bringing nutrients for plants and animals with its roots and through its falling leaves and tassels. Finally, it is a symbol of the garden and is always beautiful and impressive. (text and photo by Gautier)


« What’s that fruit ? you’re maybe asking yourself, and you’re not alone ! This is a medlar. Behind it spiky appearance, a sweet and sugary taste is hiding, like toffee apples. Surely, it doesn’t look as colourful and appetizing as cherries or apples but let’s give a chance to these little guys ! » Photo and caption by Quentin


Here you can see a medlar tree, a tree that have been cultivated since the Roman period. The fruit of this tree is eaten raw, sometimes with cream and sugar. It is also cooked in some dishes. However, this fruit cannot be consumed without following a process of softening called bletting making it less acidic. (text and photo by Antonin)

A Willow

The garden is full of surprising plants like… a willow! I was more expecting an apple tree than a willow in a garden. But the branches of this kind of willow are like wicker : they can be twisted as we want and we can use them directly in the garden, so I found it pretty smart. (text and photo by Enora)