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A catkin of a hazel: a funny and cute name for the « flower ». Spring is coming in the garden of Ecole des Ponts! Text and photo by Eline


A rare capture of one of the 4 domesticated bees that were in the garden. The crocus it’s on spreads colorful wavelengths, recreating the métaphore of life. One should be aware that bees and flowers are the root of human life. Text and photo by Camille


It was not especially the most beautiful picture I took but I thought it was amazing how this plant felt. It shows us how many different fabrics we could make out of natural plants. + Jeanne is very beautiful – Text and photo by Juliette G


It’s always refreshing to see vibrant colors during winter. Text and photo by Diae

The lonely buttercup (crocus)

I took this picture because I liked the idea of a single flower (a buttercup I believe) standing alone in its surrounding with a bright color which provides a strong contrast between the flower and the rest of the image. Text and photo by Adrien


I learned what a wheelbarrow is! Text and photo by Agathe


I came across this beautiful flower in the garden and, on doing more research, I discovered some really interesting facts. It is called « Borago officinalis », it is edible and is used in salads, cooked dishes and drinks. It even has medicinal uses. It comes from the Mediterranean region, but it can be found in gardens all around the world. (text and photo by Milagros)

Beauty and Oddity

« When the first winter frosts begin and all nature falls asleep, little porcelain buds delicately open. The Christmas rose then unfolds its most beautiful colors for the biggest pleasure for the eyes. Its fragrance is not the strongest, but its beauty in the heart of winter leaves no one unmoved. »
By Bastien
Such weird leaves, it looks like mold.
By Anthony

Among the leaves

 Among the leaves and the grass, a flower came out. It survived the freezing and cold to bloom in February. With its purple color, it shines and proves to us that nature is beauty.
by Léonor

New visions for Spring

«  Ô Ladybug, what are you doing here? The redness of you shell makes it like a snowflake foreshadowing the spring. But it is yet to come! My dear, how can you cope with the coldness? Is the sun enough? Is the sage’s softness enough? 
Evening may come, frost may have its way, but we’ll meet again, my dear ladybug,
Enjoying together the warmth of the sun. » by Ulysse

A bee foraging a rosemary flower during winter
by Félix