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Rosemary is an aromatic plant often used to cook but which can also be used as a medicine. I didn’t know it had medicinal virtues so during the visit of the garden I discovered its  “hidden talent”. Actually, I chose Rosemary because I really appreciate its taste and I sometimes use some for cooking. Moreover, I think Rosemary looks really nice, I like the lovely violet flowers. (Photo and text by Marie).

Rose Bush

I choose a rosebush because it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in the garden. Its flowering period extends from May until the end of October, so it is certainly the last rose of the year. And, to talk about the story of rosebush, originally it is a wild plant and it was first cultivated in the Middle Ages. Its flowers symbolize grace and beauty. (text and photos by Mathilde L.)

A Willow

The garden is full of surprising plants like… a willow! I was more expecting an apple tree than a willow in a garden. But the branches of this kind of willow are like wicker : they can be twisted as we want and we can use them directly in the garden, so I found it pretty smart. (text and photo by Enora)


Worms represent the living of the soil since we have sown and planted things. The worms are the key actor for the soil to “breathe”, they also produce the minerals useful to the development of young plants. (photo and text by Marin)


Throughout history, sage has been praised for its numerous benefits, and has even been called the “sacred herb”.
The Romans and Gauls used it to help women to give birth and to prevent many diseases. Its use continued throughout the Middle Age until today. Indeed, many kings saw it as a way to extend their life and protect themselves from diseases. Native Americans use it in the smudging ceremony to bless
people and places and to clear out of their bad spirits.
Sage has many medicinal properties. It reduces belly aches, tackles difficult digestion, treats gum infections, calms hot flushes, reduces cholesterol levels, and helps to regulate insulin levels. Some researchers even pointed out in 2003 that it may be useful to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

How to use it:
It can be used in the kitchen to enhance many dishes and sauces thanks to its savory and peppery flavor, when cut into small pieces.
Also, you can boil sages leaves and drink them as an herbal tea for 2 weeks to treat aches. Beware of not consuming too much though, because this triggers hot flushes and headaches (but this is very rare). (photo and text by Inès)

Robin Redbreast

This is Robin redbreast quietly sitting upon a metal fence. He learnt from his last time when he sat upon a thistle, pricked his bum and began to whistle. (Photo and text by Arnaud)

Radishes (Part II)

Here are the radishes we planted a month ago when the sun was shining and we could still believe it was summer. Today it is very cold but our heart is warmed by these small shoots going out from the ground. For the moment they are bit skinny but maybe one day they will be beautiful radishes! (photos and text by Hugo)

Baby radish

This is my favorite picture from my last trip to the garden: it is a baby radish. There were planted at the beginning of October and a week later, we could already see them coming out; I think it is quite rewarding. I also find interesting to see the evolution between this early stage of the growth and the final state of the radish. Fun fact: I tasted it and it already had a bit of taste! – Text and photo by Gabrielle

Numerous plants

Text and photos by Huly.

Garden visit

When we went to the garden, it was cold and cloudy. There wasn’t that much noise except the sound of wind and a crow.
Despite bad weather, the garden was quite nice thanks to vegetation. I enjoyed the smell of different plants such as rosemary, thyme, lavander, jasmine, santalina… Photos and text by Mathilde L.