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Spring lights

When I went to the garden, it was almost all green with very few bright colors and the weather was cloudy. Those daffodils were at the top of the school’s logo, and their glowing color was splendid; they were lighting up the garden. Text and photo by Scenwan.


A beautiful purple crocus of the botanical garden is being pollinated by a little bee in the middle of winter, in February. Besides, we can even see some shiny sparkles on the abdomen of this little bee. Text and photo by Yann.

Spoiling our bird friends

Inspired from work done in the English course, Preserving Biodiversity with James Cox, the garden has some more hardscape to attract bird and insect pollinators. Great job by Antonin, Guillaume, Julien, Thibaut and more…

New bird houses and insect hotel in the landscape by Antonin and Julien
More in detail.

Research project

We had a first meeting with the UPEC geography students who are interested in doing research around the Jardin pontanique. They are studying the campus and more specifically the jardin from socio-geographic point of view. Thanks for thinking of us!

SeedMoney campaign

Our campaign to raise money for the garden goes out today until December 15. Every little bit helps! https://donate.seedmoney.org/5905/jardin-pontanique


What a surprise to find such a beautiful rosemary in the Jardin Pontanique. As I come from the South of France, I am used to finding rosemary in arid lands, which this garden is not. Yet, it was in very good form, maintaining pretty little blue flowers, and giving of a wonderful smells. (text and photo by Titouan)


These are asters, my favorite flowers from the garden. Indeed, I was astonished by the contrast between the cloudy sky, the green of the garden and the color of these flowers, which make them really beautiful. (photo and text by Eloïse)

Dainty little rose

You dainty little rose seem nice and snug by the fence, as if keeping a kind eye on the herbs and the sprouts… And when evening falls, I picture you whispering stories to your rapt neighbours, in the quiet breeze… But tell me, what is your story? (text and picture by Guillaume).

Hidden Beasts

This is a photograph of a grasshopper hiding in the brambles and grass. I find this beautiful because it shows the garden is not only a set of plants but mostly an eco-system with actual harmony in it. (text and photo by Mathis)

Rabbit Ears

If you have a little walk in the garden behind Coriolis, you’ll just have to bend down to see a quite surprising plant. And no, those aren’t some genetically modified rabbit ears, but Stachys. You can recognize it by its look of course, but also by its softness that makes it so original and adorable! (text and photo by Clotilde)