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First buds of rose hip. It is used to produce a very valued jam called « confiture d’englantine » which is also called « confiture de gratte-cul » in French. Text and photo by Titouan


I decided to take this picture because we can easily see rosehips. I found them really interesting because I never realized that roses could grow fruit (even if it is obvious when you think about it now). This fruit is edible: you need to open them up and take out the spiky fur inside, as it can be itchy on the skin. Then you can actually eat the thin orange layer remaining. Text and photo by Maywenn

Alien Egg

This tiny sprout of rhubarb catches our eye because of the bright red of its stem. With its two leaves which resemble antennas, it looks like a little alien egg buried in the soil. Text and photo by Clémence

Salad burnet

My favorite edible thing during the tour – salad burnet (Pimprenelle in French).  A surprising savor of cucumber and a lovely form! Text and photo by Lamia


A pink flower in the garden with thick, zigzag leaves. Its leaves look like they are made of plastic. I hardly see this kind of leaf with a beautiful pink blooming flower. In my impression, this kind of leaf belongs to aloe and its family, which should be bigger and thicker. (text and photo by Chaopeng)


This is a pumpkin which grew in the garden in October. It brought color to the garden that was mostly green because there are no flowers or other vegetables during this season. It is was reminder that the spooky season was approaching… (text and photo by Nolwenn)


A lavender. A brave aromatic plant which traveled from the sunny south of France to the cold north, here in Champs sur Marne. It adapts to its environment, requires no special care and offers a taste and a scent most used for bakery, perfumes, honey-making… Its unique purple flowers are a symbol of Provence. (text and photo by Aglaé)


I came across this beautiful flower in the garden and, on doing more research, I discovered some really interesting facts. It is called « Borago officinalis », it is edible and is used in salads, cooked dishes and drinks. It even has medicinal uses. It comes from the Mediterranean region, but it can be found in gardens all around the world. (text and photo by Milagros)

Oak Tree

This is an oak tree and it is the masterpiece of the garden. First, because it is the highest plant of the garden and so it protects it from the wind or other dangers. The oak tree is also bringing nutrients for plants and animals with its roots and through its falling leaves and tassels. Finally, it is a symbol of the garden and is always beautiful and impressive. (text and photo by Gautier)


Mysterious blue flowers rising amongst chaos. No matter the situation, nature’s beauty will find a way to shine. (text and photo by Arnaud)