Monthly Archives: février 2024


First buds of rose hip. It is used to produce a very valued jam called « confiture d’englantine » which is also called « confiture de gratte-cul » in French. Text and photo by Titouan

Valentine’s reflection

The pond with the shadow of Jeanne and Juliette making a heart. And because today is Valentine’s day, this picture perfectly represents love. Text and photo by Louna


I decided to take this picture because we can easily see rosehips. I found them really interesting because I never realized that roses could grow fruit (even if it is obvious when you think about it now). This fruit is edible: you need to open them up and take out the spiky fur inside, as it can be itchy on the skin. Then you can actually eat the thin orange layer remaining. Text and photo by Maywenn

Green and gritty

How appalling it is to see all that garbage spread across this little corner of the garden since behind my camera is such a cared-for space and since it is the maybe greenest space of the campus. Text and photo by Pierre-Emmanuel

Alien Egg

This tiny sprout of rhubarb catches our eye because of the bright red of its stem. With its two leaves which resemble antennas, it looks like a little alien egg buried in the soil. Text and photo by Clémence

Invisible gardeners

I took this photo to remind us that behind a garden there are always invisible men and women that struggle against nature to transform it into their own image. Text and photo by Nicolas

Salad burnet

My favorite edible thing during the tour – salad burnet (Pimprenelle in French).  A surprising savor of cucumber and a lovely form! Text and photo by Lamia


A catkin of a hazel: a funny and cute name for the « flower ». Spring is coming in the garden of Ecole des Ponts! Text and photo by Eline


A rare capture of one of the 4 domesticated bees that were in the garden. The crocus it’s on spreads colorful wavelengths, recreating the métaphore of life. One should be aware that bees and flowers are the root of human life. Text and photo by Camille


It was not especially the most beautiful picture I took but I thought it was amazing how this plant felt. It shows us how many different fabrics we could make out of natural plants. + Jeanne is very beautiful – Text and photo by Juliette G