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Green and gritty

How appalling it is to see all that garbage spread across this little corner of the garden since behind my camera is such a cared-for space and since it is the maybe greenest space of the campus. Text and photo by Pierre-Emmanuel

Life in February

It was nice to see that a garden can bloom and host life in February. Text and photos by Théotime


Last week, we finally picked the little squash from the garden, it was really cute. (text and photo by Inès).

Fall Asters

Unique and wonderful flowers are shining through a green background thanks to their singular color. They look so beautiful and healthy , even after a long time without having been taken care of. Here is the proof that nature’s beauty will always find a way to express itself!  (text and photo by Yassine)

Cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are some of the sweetest (and the cutest) tomato varieties. Usually red, they can also be yellow, green, purple or even black just like this one (that was quite yummy). (text and photo by Mathilde).

New visions

I took a picture of the sage because il stays here all year which is quite practical. It also keeps its soft texture when it dries… That’s one of my favorite herbs to cook with! by Abel
I was really surprised to find this beautiful flower in the garden.
It’s a snowdrop that usually pierces the snow during the winter to let us appreciate its small white bells.
This flower reminded me of my garden full of snow where I played with my dog building igloos. By Alexandre L.

A lonely crocus, blooming in the middle of the afternoon. Its bright colors are particularly visible, among green grass and the lack of other growing flowers, at the beginning of February. Those purple and orange fit perfectly with the colors of the garden. I wonder how it managed to be alone. by François


Great picture of mint from our Jardin pontanique. Between math and physics, you can go take a look and think about the great meals and drinks you can make with this delicious plant! It is worth taking care of it… Photo and caption by Raphaël


« I thought my friend Victor was one of the tallest person I knew at school, but the visit to the garden proved me wrong! Look at these plants! They don’t seem to be in great shape, but how huge are they! To compare, Victor is 1m94 tall! » – Photo and caption by Hugo

Exploring the garden

In the Pont-ager, I saw how the garden evolved through winter and it made me feel like something beautiful was happening right in front of my eyes. I also saw how insects, spiders and earthworms explored the garden and contributed to its living aspect.
Text and photo by Mehdi-Lou.

Pushing the boundaries

I didn’t know Artichokes were that huge! This plant might have seen better days, but I like how it nonchalantly trickles out from its patch, while dry vines dramatically spread over the fences… It quite epitomizes the idea that nature will always push the boundaries humans try to impose on it. Text and photo by Theïlo.