Monthly Archives: février 2023

Long gone

by Juliette

Oreilles du lapin

While wandering in the garden, I found this plant… It reminded my of one time at my grandparents’ house, when I was younger, because there was the same one. My granny explained to me that it was called « oreilles de lapin » (bunny’s ears) and I never knew if that was it’s real name. After some digging, it appears that it’s from the Stachys byzantina species and in English it’s called « lamb’s ear » so that solves the mystery! by Sixtine

Beauty and Oddity

« When the first winter frosts begin and all nature falls asleep, little porcelain buds delicately open. The Christmas rose then unfolds its most beautiful colors for the biggest pleasure for the eyes. Its fragrance is not the strongest, but its beauty in the heart of winter leaves no one unmoved. »
By Bastien
Such weird leaves, it looks like mold.
By Anthony

The elephant

I really appreciate this plant, not because it is green, such as the biggest part of the garden, but because it really has the shape of an elephant, with the trunk, the ears on both sides, and his huge body behind. It reminds me an Elmer stuffed elephant that my sister offered me when I was I child. Great memories!
by Raphaël

Among the leaves

 Among the leaves and the grass, a flower came out. It survived the freezing and cold to bloom in February. With its purple color, it shines and proves to us that nature is beauty.
by Léonor

Spring Spring!

Growing through old branches
A younger one emerges.
And as long as they’re rising,
The awaited spring is coming.
By Basile
I found an acorn on the ground and it reminded me of my childhood when I liked to imagine that little elves used the cupules as hats. They used to fit on my thumb, now I can barely put them on my pinky. But there seems to be a lot of elves in the Jardin Pontanique.
By Corentin

Spring visions

Here, hidden beneath the Earth
A new hope is waiting
With spring, a flower’s birth
A new fresh beginning
by Nicolas

Spring visions

Under the sun of February
Among the flowers of rosemary
A bee was wandering.
Is it already spring? by Victor

Visions of Spring

A shy periwinkle shows up amidst a field of sleeping plants, symbolizing the arrival of spring. Its purple petals remind us of nature’s resilience and beauty.
by Alexandre D

New visions for Spring

«  Ô Ladybug, what are you doing here? The redness of you shell makes it like a snowflake foreshadowing the spring. But it is yet to come! My dear, how can you cope with the coldness? Is the sun enough? Is the sage’s softness enough? 
Evening may come, frost may have its way, but we’ll meet again, my dear ladybug,
Enjoying together the warmth of the sun. » by Ulysse

A bee foraging a rosemary flower during winter
by Félix