Monthly Archives: octobre 2023


What I like about trees is that even though they are real, it is impossible to describe or reproduce the exact set of colors or the patterns of the leaves… (text and photo by Nathan)


Mysterious blue flowers rising amongst chaos. No matter the situation, nature’s beauty will find a way to shine. (text and photo by Arnaud)


Oh look, a dandelion! It must be the last one of the season… What a great food source for pollinators even though they don’t get the love they deserve from gardeners. (text and photo by Bartholome)

Onion squash

This onion squash is definitely the minor miracle of this garden. Plump and good-looking, bathed in the sun, it is pampered by all the visitors who manage to find it. Even the green leaves around are making sure the squash get enough attention. I really like its vivid orange colour reminding us that summer has already given way to autumn. (text and photo by Léa)


This is so green that you could almost miss the most important details and, most importantly, the diversity hiding between this not so uniformly green. In the top left of the picture, tomato plants are making their way through the huge leaves of chard, in a green harmony. And several weeds, whose names are unknown to me, are intermingled in the green background. (text and photo by Hugo)

Weird plant

Text and photo by Tanguy

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm looks a lot like mint. But if you take the time to smell it you won’t make the mistake because of its strong lemon scent. Lemon balm spreads quite quickly and is now all over the jardin Pontanique ! If you want to help stem its proliferation, you can come gather some to use as aroma for cooking. (text and photo by Alexis)