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The Last Rose of Summer

This is a shiny red rose that stands out over all the green around it. The most fascinating thing that dazzled me was the fact that this is the last rose alive in the garden and the visit was only 2 days before the end of summer, and that it resembled me one of my favorite violin pieces, “The Last Rose of Summer.” (text and photo by Karsion)

The Jungle

At the end of summer, the garden has taken on a jungle feel. Numerous anonymous gardeners have watered, weeded and partaken in the generous offerings that the soil and sun created in July and August.

Weeding and Fall planting session

Friday 13 September from 12 -14 

The garden will be open to everyone wanting to stick their hands in the dirt to whip the jungle back into a civilized state for fall plantings.

Come one, come all!